Dirk Marwig’s Gap-Chair No.6 (Fir wood from a container with plexi-glass, height: 105cm, width: 42.2cm, depth: 76.5cm, Dirk Marwig 2017)

Yet another Gap-Chair where the seat part is not directly connected to the seat back, this time constructed with wood rests from a renovation container and with plexi-glass which was also found in a bin. I designed this version with an extreme long seat back giving the bottom part a “fold” with a 90 degree angle. I wanted to make a new version of my trademark ‘Gap-Chair’ giving it a tough, blunt, constructivist look.
Dimensions: seat height: 48cm, seat width: 42.2cm, seat depth: 43.5cm
If you should copy these chairs please give me (Dirk Marwig) CREDIT for the DESIGN. Only fair!

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